PLACES Architects is committed to providing professional and concerned architectural design services to our clients. Our initial responsibility is to listen to our clients' needs first, then design a responsive facility with quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness. Using a system of techniques we encourage all parties involved to take an active role with us in the design process. This keeps misinformation to a minimum, and more importantly, promotes a sense of community and ownership of the project

Facility Planning/ Space Programming
Our programming consists of a series of meetings with the end user to determine specific spatial needs as well as the desired atmosphere of the new environment. Through meetings with the client, we will develop an image (or concept) of the facility which will set the tone of the design throughout the project. Along with our builders, we will develop cost projections when the programming is complete to formulate a final budget.

Preliminary Design
Once programming is complete, we develop a preliminary floor plan in order to access optimum space organization and flow, spatial relationships, and develop preliminary budget estimates. General material decisions will be reviewed for interior and exterior construction. Master plan or site plan alternative layouts will be generated and reviewed as well.

Scheduling of Project Design
Very early in the design process we will establish a timeline of project development, which will outline each phase of the process with significant milestones and dates of completion for each. This will assist us all in keeping on time in the development of the project. Each meeting will be documented and minutes distributed to meeting attendees to maintain current and consistent information flow. This timeline will be firmly adhered to throughout the process so that interest in or momentum for the project will not be compromised.

Final Design/ Design Development/ Construction Documents
Review meetings will be held throughout the development of the drawings for the project with the client as they are completed. All details, materials, space modifications, exterior appearances, etc. will be reviewed and approved by the client before the drawings are released for construction. If acceptable, the builder will be included in each of these meetings to provide value engineering and construction methodology expertise throughout the design development process.